Holding on a little closer.

I‘m holding on to these two a little closer, since Monday.  Have you ever had something so traumatising happen that it shook your entire soul?  That was me on Monday.

I’ve never believed that God truly does have a plan for us as much as I have this week.  We moved into this house that we shouldn’t have been able to rent, since we are leaving the country soon, and we are going to leave in a couple of months.  It was shocking to have the landlord agree to let us stay here, and even more shocking that our realtor found this place and thought about us, even though we were already in another listing.  Why is this house so significant? Well it’s right next to a dr’s office and right across from a clinic.  Our other place wasn’t that close to any Dr, in fact it was rather far from lots of things.

The one thing I never prepared for as a mother was food attacking my baby.  The thing that’s suppose to sustain us and give us life,  instead it did the opposite….It tried to kill Arren.  It was something I wasn’t prepared for and something that has had me reeling ever since.

It was a normal day for Arren and I, we played, had fun and just after six I decided to give him a bit of a snack.  We were having vegan mac and cheese and I decided to give him a noodle, there wasn’t anything on the noodle, well I didn’t think there was anything on the noodle, as soon as he took a bite, he started to swell and swell and swell.

I rushed to his room to give him allergex/benadryl, and nothing happened, he just kept swelling I was in a complete state, as I saw that he was starting to bruise from the swelling and having trouble breathing.

I didn’t think the Dr’s office would be open seeing as it was after 6, but I decided to take a chance, I ran barefoot, without a bra on, I dropped the house keys left the door open, and ran like I never ran before.

I was relieved to see cars at the dr’s office, the receptionist let me in immediately and a Dr assisted me within an instant, We took his weight and just like that at the age of 11 months Arren had his first Adrenalin shot.

It was horrible to see him so hysterical, he was confused, upset and kept death staring the Dr, he just couldn’t calm down.  We waited to see if the swelling would go down, the Dr suggested to go home and change Arren to try and calm him down and it seemed as soon as I left the building Arren calmed down.

Carl came rushing in and he went to fill in the forms at the Dr’s office while I watched Arren returning to his normal self.

I’ve never seen an anaphylactic shock before, or even knew anyone that had such a severe allergy before, seeing it first hand nearly killed me, I was grateful for my Mama bear to kick in and within a couple of minutes figured out what to do.  We think it was sesame seeds, that caused it, but we are planning on going to a allergist next week to find out exactly what he’s allergic to.

I’ve been on high alert ever since and now he’s just getting pure food, that he’s had no reaction to.  I’m hoping for a calm weekend just holding on to my two main guys, life is short we should make the most of it.

Ps  Carl kept shouting at me that they were being cute and Arren was loving him, so I grabbed the camera to take some evidence photos, but as soon as Arren saw me he started hating his Papa.  He’s such a funny little guy.