Healthy Rocky Road Ice Cream

One of my favorite memories I have of my childhood is my dad coming to pick me up from school, always a little frazzled and always a lot late, with this look on his face that always said, “I tried to get here as fast as possible, but two hours after school was the earliest I could get off work”, I was never really upset with him for letting me wait for him that long, because I knew we would go do the daily shopping and afterwards we would go for ice cream. ┬á

Every time we would get ice cream he would urge me to try a new flavor and not just get boring old chocolate, it’s the reason why, until this day I will try any new ice cream flavor I see, but I know if you want to know if an ice cream brand is good you’re going to have to try their vanilla first! ┬áA lot can be said by the humble vanilla, to some its the most boring flavor on the market, but to me, it’s the base…It’s what tells you “yes, these people know how to make an ice cream”, but this post is not about vanilla ice cream. ┬áIt’s in fact about boring chocolate.

Carl is one of those boring chocolate kind of people, even when he thinks he’s trying a new flavor he gets something chocolatey, I’m hoping that I will be able to convince Arren to try all the flavors with me when he’s older. ┬áWe have a lot of ice cream dates in our future.

My dad will be so disappointed in this post, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s not just boring chocolate, it’s ROCKY ROAD. ┬áYes, rocky road is basically just chocolate ice cream, but it’s so much more than that, it’s the speed bump to your road, it’s the mountain to your mole hill, it’s the yummy crunch in your mouth that makes you want to not eat healthily ever again, but this my friends, is a healthier rocky road. ┬áIt’s still filled with marshmallows, almonds, chocolate and all the yummy stuff, but it’s bananas blended up to make your extremely creamy and dreamy ice cream.

It’s just as chocolatey as real ice cream, but just way better for you, what are you waiting for get making!





In a blender add the bananas, cocoa, vanilla and almond extract.  Start blending the bananas.  Slowly add 1 tbsp of milk until everything is blended and it resemblance, soft serve.

Taste if you want it to be a bit sweeter add a bit of liquid sweetener.

Fold in the marshmallows, almonds and chocolate chips.  Until combined.

Serve immediately.

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