Harry Potter Home Inspiration -The Weasleys.


Harry Potter is filled with home inspiration and the Weasley’s definitely have some of the most amazing decor inspiration.  They already rocked the mismatched dining room chairs, brightly coloured bookcases, whimsy teapots and just a very homely home.  Its like Harry potter said “Its brilliant!”.

Burrow11 Burrow3 _VON7678.jpg

Here is my take on the Weasley house, a little bit more modern, but Oh so pretty.


^^ This blanket is just wonderful.  I could actually see this get magically knitted.


^^ I’m so in love with these little teapot planters. I will be doing this in my garden soon.


^^ This tea cosy is just something special.


^^ This orange bookcase is a beautiful take on the Weasley house.

Living Room Corner Reading Nook Dark Gray Walls Yellow Chair Cluttered Cozy Floral Curtains Interior Decor

^^ Colourful reading nook.


^^ This blue cabinet is something easy you can do right now.


^^ I love the light fixtures.


^^ These pastel chairs are just a delight


^^ I really need this blanket in my life.

Happy Friday!

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