Harry Potter Home Inspiration – Hufflepuff


Today’s Harry Potter Home Inspiration is all about…black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow…you know what it is? Its Hufflepuff this song is about Hufflepuff!

The Hufflepuff house of gets a lot of grief, but to me its the dream house. First of all when your house founder looks like this.


You know you are in the right house.  She seems like the kind of person I would want to invite over for dinner, for some light conversation and lovely talks about gardening.  She was also the only house founder that said yes to everyone, she will teach them all! Isn’t that how we all should be?  Believing in everyone, even if they don’t believe in themselves.  Hufflepuff has Tonks, the coolest witch to ever grace the pages of Harry potter, and smouldering mcsmoulder pants himself, Cedric.


If you are a Hufflepuff you will value hard work,patience, loyalty and fair play.  So if you think about it Hufflepuff is the house with some of the best people.

The common room is airy, filled with house plants and has a rustic quality to it.  They are also situated in the basement, right by the kitchen, so midnight feast, must have happened often.

Hufflepuff_common_room HCR_2 download PlayStation(R)Home_Picture_06-01-2013_15-17-37 80835c8a63c846f5ff0549fe1dc3aaac

Let get Huffling!

images Mustard-Modern-Living-Room-Ideal-Home-Housetohome images (4) images (5) images (1) images (2) images (3)

^^ I’ve always been a big fan of yellow.  Its such a happy colour, that instantly brightens a room and these yellow couches, just scream Hufflepuff.

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apelle14 download (1) imagesfesfsfs modern-house-design-curved-wood-beams-7 round-windows round-wood-window-australia

^^ Round windows! I don’t even know what to say about these! All houses should immediately have these.

Colorful houseplants cascade out of a wall container. (Photo by Urbilis)

imagesgdfgdfgd houseplants-planter-hallway download (4) download (3) download (2) bohemian minimal home bohemain bedroom house plants bohemian  home interior 3 window boxes

^^ I love house plants everywhere and how could you not want to be a chilled plant loving hufflepuff with these house plant ideas.

country-style-corner-round-fireplace-stone-tile IMG_0484

^^ Rustic fireplace to warm your loyal hufflepuff heart.  Check

rustic-kitchen-with-colorful-rug images (10) images (9) images (8) images (7)

^^ Earthy tones, make for a relaxed Hufflepuff common room and these rugs are natural and charming.

beach-style download (6) download (7) Salvaged-Wood-Sideboard

^^ When you are so close to the kitchen, you will need a buffet for storing all that extra food.

Rustic-Table Rustic-Dining-Room-Table-Plans images (9) images (6) fancy-hstar-faires-rustic-dining-room-sx-lg

^^ Hufflepuff is your home away from home.  That rustic cabin you just can’t stop dreaming about.  The inviting friends that seem like family.  Sitting around your rustic table and wondering did my Mom get around, because boy, you are like my family.

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^^ Why have badger are? because you are a proud Hufflepuff! and badgers do what they want.  In the nicest way possible.

Happy Friday folks!