Happy Birthday to me

Another year around the sun and loving it, not going to lie this has been a really, really hard year.   Poland has been surprisingly hard to assimilate to, but I’m really happy to be growing more as a person and have goals that I know I want to achieve and I’m extremely happy to be getting older and hopefully a little wiser with the years.

We didn’t have any plans to travel out of Poland for my Birthday,  I would have loved to go explore another European country for my Birthday, but we’ve been stuck in Poland for months, waiting for our residency cards to arrive, not thinking it would arrive so late, but it arrived,  a week or so before my birthday;

Instead we had a little party in our apartment, rented a car for a week and explored Poland.

After a fun filled morning in the apartment with balloons, cake and a confetti canon, something I don’t think we will get again, wow, just wow.  It was so loud, and went EVERYWHERE we are still cleaning confetti up from strange places around the apartment, our poor Christmas tree got the brunt of it, but added a little more Christmassy wonderfulness to it, but  finding confetti on your cans of beans is not that fun.


Here is to another year, and hopefully keeping up with my blog more.