Happy Birthday Carl

Yesterday was a big day in our house, yesterday we┬á celebrated Carl’s birthday and someone went deep into a sugar coma, but hey, a birthday comes around only once a year right?

I love birthdays, it’s the one time of the year I can gush and completely go overboard without getting snip from my loved ones and this year was no exception.┬á We celebrated Carl’s pre-birthday with a carrot cake that didn’t last long and for his Birthday we had a chocolate cake. Can you even call it a birthday if there is no cake?┬á Nope, I do not think so.

Since becoming┬á a mother I feel like I’ve started slacking a bit in the wife department, I’m always so focused on little Arren that Carl sometimes takes a back burner, but it doesn’t mean I don’t stop to give him a big old smooch and an I love you┬á through out the day, but he doesn’t get as many kisses as he use to, and that’s just unacceptable and something I need to work on, because if there was ever┬á man that deserved all the love and praise it would be Carl.

I’ve never met such┬á a selfless, loving, caring, funny guy that is always there when I need him, he always puts his family first and will often help me feel like a normal person, because when you hang out with a toddler the whole day, you are sure to pick up some strange habits.

Does he annoy me? Yes! Do we have disagreements that sends the other one running ahead at the beach, Yes!, but there is no one else I would rather spend all my time with, because without him I wouldn’t try to better myself everyday, without him I wouldn’t have ever experience such a deep love that gives me chills once a day, without him we wouldn’t have the cutest little family around these parts.┬á He is one in a billion and he’s all mine.┬á ┬áThank you, thank you for making me feel like the most beautiful woman when you look at me, or even tell me.┬á Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on and always having my back.┬á Thank you, for making me laugh when I don’t feel like it and thank you, for being the best father to little Arren.┬á I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Happy Birthday Carl.