Happy Birthday Arren

I’ve been pretty quiet on social media these last couple of days, but I had good reason. ┬áOur little Arren turned one and we had a couple of days of uninterrupted Papa time!

We had a lot of big plans for Arren’s birthday, at first we wanted to throw him a fiesta party, but changed our minds soon after coming up with the idea, we decided to rather take Arren on an adventure to see giraffes, but we called that one off last minute.

We decided having a screaming baby in the car for 2 hours on his birthday just didn’t seem right. ┬áInstead we made the day all about Arren.

We did everything he loves and tried our hardest not to say no. ┬áWhile I was struggling to embrace the whole not saying no thing while Arren tried to climb on top of everything, Carl decided to get creative and started saying, “we don’t do things like that, and we can’t do that”.

I made him a gluten free, dairy free, egg free, sesame free, basically everything free banana birthday cupcake hoping he was going to like it.

Little did I know he was going to like it so much he would use it as war paint.

We let him watch as much little baby bum as he wanted, play with the laptops charger and eventually use the laptop charger to pop bubbles.

He keeps hiding things in between and under couch cushions. ┬áI don’t know if I should be horrified or proud, he pulled out a cookie from this spot.

When you can’t say no you will find yourself in a tug of war for the bubble wand with your surprisingly strong one year old, where you lose….note the instax camera on the floor, another we shall not say no victim.

We practised walking with a very excited little guy. ┬áHe’s taking a lot of steps, he just lacks the confidence to keep going.

and to make his day as special as he is, we bought a bottle of water and let him have some water fun, then we decided to give him a bath in his little pool.

This drought has been rough! It’s hard to think that if we don’t get enough rain we will be queuing for water in the next six months. ┬áHopefully we will be blessed with rain soon.

I can’t believe my baby is one.