Halloween Food Ideas for Kids and Adults

Halloween is my favorite time of year, well I’m a big fan of St Patrick’s day, Christmas….A heck I just love all the holidays, but Halloween is something special. It’s the one time of the year where you can be as weird as you want to and no one can say a thing and you get to eat cute and scary food.

Halloween should be enjoyed by all, but when you have children you should just make everyday as magical as possible for them, childhood is such a short period of their lives and making the most of it will give them memories for the rest of their lives. ┬áEven though Arren is not even a year yet, and wont really understand much yet, I’ve started creating traditions for him. ┬áYes, he might not remember the pumpkin and the decorations, but I will remember his face when I surrounded him with a bunch of pumpkins and he didn’t know if I was trying to trap him or create and obstacle course, I wont forget how his little face lit up when I hung up a ghost garland and I will not forget all the outfits I’m putting him in, and believe me I will be taking a lot of photos.

Making holidays magical doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you can cheap it out and it will still be just as magical, they will most likely remember a way bigger skeleton outside from the one you have anyway. ┬áMaking cute little meals for the day is a special little tradition that your kids will remember forever. ┬áHere are some of my ideas for a Halloween meal plan.


French toast ghost

This one is really easy, cut your bread in the shape of ghost, I obviously cut mine free handed, fry one both sides, and add blueberries for eyes.


Frankenstein Toast.

Smear bread with avocado, cut a cucumber piece for the mouth, dot hummus for eyes, place halved blueberries/ olives on top of the hummus and last but not least cut the hair out of nori and add a little nori strip for the nose.

Bloody Soup with Witches fingers

Make a simple tomato soup, get your favorite pizza dough, roll it into fingers and stick a almond on for a nail.  Bake and use for dipping.


Goblin Stew

My Green vegetable curry makes the perfect warming meal for the trick or treaters to enjoy before heading out, it’s also packed full of veggies that might counter act all that sugar they are about to binge on.

Happy trick or treating guys!