Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween! Halloween 2017 has to be my favorite one to date.  This year we got to play dress up as a family of three and it was amazing.

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen our Halloween costume already, but it’s just too amazing not to share on all social media.

With the release of stranger things season two, we decided to fan girl it up and dress up to mark the occasion and when you have a bald baby, you better believe he was going to be our eleven.

Was Arren happy to be in a dress? at first he didn’t even realise, but he soon grew suspicious when we couldn’t stop laughing at him and voiced his concern with tears.

He’s probably going to hate us when he’s older, but when you make such a good eleven how can he possibly be mad. ┬á Technically I should be sad, the reason we decided to go with a stranger things theme, was because Carl thought my hair looks like Winona Rider’s. ┬áSeason two her hair looks pretty good, but season one Winona, just no.

Instead of feeling insulted I decided to embrace it!

What are you doing for Halloween?