The Hague Netherlands Temple

One of the things we really wanted to do on this trip was visit as many temples as we could  along the way and the first one was the pretty as a picture The Hague Temple.

The Hague temple is situated in Zoetermeer, which translates to Sweet lake and boy is it  pretty.  There is just something calming and relaxing about visiting the temple, sitting in the beautiful grounds was a little bit of calm in between our hot travel day.

At first Carl just went out to take a couple of photos, but I decided to take Mr grumpy pants out to experience it, and I was really happy I did.

He was so happy to run around and look at this amazing temple.

He even tried to play piano on some cars while he was there.

and of course try to jump into the water.    We stopped him, it’s a place of reverence not for swimming.

Having a temple to always look at and find solace and feel closer to God, is really a blessing, no matter the most difficult time if you have your eyes on God you will be able to overcome.  No matter what you pray to even if it’s just the universe, feeling closer connected to something is a comfort that we all need, finding peace and being kind is something we should all strive for, when we are kind we can make someone’s day just a bit better, and that’s something special, just think about the snowball reaction it could have!

He was all smiles as we took photos, gave horse rides and after found a grocery store that had air conditioning.

We were all really happy about that one.