Grilled hummus and avocado sandwich

Who doesn’t like a grilled sandwich? I think it’s the universal yum food, even picky toddlers go crazy for a grilled sandwich, so why not cram that sandwich with good for you ingredients?

This sandwich is so easy; hummus, avocado,grated carrot, cram this sandwich with anything your little heart desires or sneak any food your picky little eater doesn’t like in it.

Arren used to love avocado, but now he thinks it’s super gross, he loves it in pudding, smoothies and this sandwich, but do NOT offer him plain avocado.┬á That’s just gross.

Until he’s ready to eat avocado like it’s not poison, I will continue being the sneaky mom, the mom that refuses to be beaten by a one year old.



  • 2 slices bread
  • hummus
  • smashed avocado
  • margarine or coconut oil
  • grated carrot – optional


Smear one piece of bread with hummus, and the other piece of bread with smashed avocado.

Place a tiny bit of grated carrot on the top (optional)

close the bread up.  Smear both sides with margarine or coconut oil

In a pan over medium high add the bread and sizzle until golden brown, flip and cook until brown.

Remove from heat, cut off the crusts, let cool.  Serve with cucumber slices.  Enjoy.