Goodbye 2017


2017 has been a big year for us.  We had our first baby, we moved a bunch of times and things really took an unexpected turn with Carl’s work.

2017 has been a whirlwind for me.  I’ve felt like it has been the longest year of my life so far or just one long day.  Lack of sleep will do that to anyone, but having little Arren has made it one of the best years of my life.

2017 Recap


  • We ring in the new year, without a baby in our arms.
  • On the third day of the new year in the early morning Arren is born an hour and 5 minutes after my contractions start.
  • We try to figure out this whole parenting thing, while doing an unexpected lotus birth.
  • We get evacuated from our home, because of a wildfire.  Arren’s first outing we all made a run for it trying to escape the smoke.  Arren suffered from a goopy eye for months after this.


  • Arren is all smiles and coos
  • My favourite Arren stage! He was so little
  • The glory month of sleep
  • Arren finds out he really doesn’t like Cape Town’s heat and wind.


  • We go on our first date without Arren.  It’s scary and stressful and we come rushing back.
  • Carl’s birthday!
  • Poopslosion happens in Kirstenbosch gardens.
  • Arren sleeps the whole night.  First and last time.


  • Our little Easter bunny!
  • Arren does a whole bunch of tummy time and really does not care for it.
  • Carl gets sick over Easter…All plans cancelled
  • A baboon breaks into our house.



  • Arren has all the teeth
  • We get him a little toothbrush


  • Arren starts solids
  • He rolls everywhere he needs to go
  • he starts crawling
  • Arren celebrates his half birthday with a party.
  • We go on an anniversary trip with the cutest little third wheel.


  • We go to an animal free circus.
  • Arren plays at the beach.
  • Arren swings for the first time.
  • We go to Rhodes memorial.


  • Arren get’s into everything and we really baby proof the house.
  • Arren loves flying, he’s a champ at travelling as long as it’s not in the car.
  • We go to the temple.


  • We dress Arren up as eleven. for Halloween
  • We stop for whales
  • Arren is not a fan of my fashion choices.


  • Arren splashes in his high chair
  • Arren meets a dog, he’s not sure about them.


  • We move into our new place, that we will have to move out of in a couple of months.
  • My birthday comes around.
  • We survive a heatwave that had Arren crying uncontrollably.
  • Arren goes into anaphalactic shock
  • We have the missionaries over for Christmas.
  • Arren’s epipen gets approved by the medical aid.

Here is to 2018 may it be a great here, with positive changes all around the world.  We are currently waiting to see when we will be leaving the country as Carl’s work gets moved.  2018 seems to be a year of change.  hopefully for the better.