Getting on the floor

One of the things I’ve been trying to get better at is getting down to Arren’s level when speaking to him.┬á He understands more, responds better, and knows I’m not just going on a huge rant while walking through the apartment, but getting down on the floor for play is just as important.

Life here is very busy, we are out most of the day, we walk everywhere we need to go and I always feel so rushed when I get back that I forget to play with Arren down at his level.

but when I do he always plays the best, tries to impress me, makes funny jokes, and just tries to make me laugh.

He’s a very funny little guy and getting to spend this time with him is precious.┬á I’m grateful not to be in Carl’s shoes right now.┬á Carl’s been working late a lot lately and every night Arren waits up for him, just to throw him out of the house.┬á He physically grabs him by the hand and throws him out.

Watching his personality grow is really something to see, he’s so weird, cute and always ready to smile.