Gdansk at night

One of the best things about living in Gdansk is the safety, it’s something we are not really used to coming from South Africa. Walking around the beach in the middle of the night is a freedom that we all love.

Having Arren be able to freely play, run and explore is a blessing.

Seeing the Baltic sea, surrounded by forest is a magical sight, you can almost see the vikings coming over if you imagine hard enough

Everywhere you look you can see little memories that we’re still in a pandemic, from the masks on the beach to the keep your distance stickers on everything.

but, the playground is always at 10% full when its under 10C the Polish people really seem to hate the cold, we don’t mind as long as there isn’t a deep layer of snow Arren is always ready to go.

Soon we will long for night to actually come, when it seems like an endless day, that never ends during the Polish Summer and we will be longing for the leaves to start falling.