Flying Wizz Air with a Peanut allergy

Flying with a peanut allergy can be scary, especially if you’ve seen your child almost die from their allergies, and in the travelling world you can either have a great flight or a really bad flight, so how did wizz air do in the flying with an allergy department?

Our flight from Poland to Sweden was a quick one, 20 minutes to board the plane and a quick 40 minutes in the air, that’s basically getting up in the sky only to get ready for decent.  With a toddler it’s the dream flight, just a little bit of feeling trapped before you can run around in another country, but when you have a severe food allergy a lot can go wrong in 40 minutes, so did they?

NO, wizz air was amazing to fly with an allergy.  When we contacted the airline 78 hour in advance they informed us to carry our epipen with us and just to inform cabin crew.

As soon as I boarded the plane I informed them about Arren’s allergies, they were inventive and caring and asked the severity of the allergy, if we have our medication with us, where we are sitting and that they would make an announcement stating that they wont be serving any peanuts on the flight.

Like most things they can’t gaurentee that passengers wont eat their own peanut goods on the plane, but that’s a risk we are willing to take.

I would completely recommend flying with wizz air if you have an allergy!