Finding your voice

Arren has really found his voice these last couple of weeks and boy, does he love to let everyone know that he has arrived.

He’s really become such a little speaker and is starting to babble more than scream at the top of his lungs, but believe me he still loves screaming. ┬á He’s actually given me headaches from his high pitched screaming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. ┬áI want him to always be heard and never be afraid of his voice or who he is. ┬áI want him to be able to be brave and not afraid of who he is and what he believes in, but I want him to be kind and loving, and truly love his fellow man.

Right now he’s doing a great job at that, he is such a happy baby and loves people, if he sets his eyes on you, you better believe he’s going to ask for uppies from you, and look just a little smug with himself for being able to get so many compliments from so many different people. ┬á He only smiles for compliments, and he constantly hears how pretty he is. ┬á I hope that he will grow up to be humble and not let all the compliments he’s received as a baby go to his head.

Occasionally we will get a couple of stink eyes from people when Arren starts screaming, but I’ve learned to just ignore it and rather raise my happy baby, I never want to stifle his voice, because what he has to say is important to me, even if it’s just a war cry while he rolls himself into trouble.

When I look at my beautiful screaming baby, I see a lot of mischief in my future and I can honestly not wait!