Feeding a Picky Toddler

Arren started off as such a good little eater, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up with a picky eater, but I have and I just wouldn’t accept it. ┬áHere is how I got my picky little eater to eat healthier and try new things.

Since Arren went into anaphalactic shock I’ve been petrified of making new things, I started blaming myself and completely mom shaming myself, after all I’m the one that feeds Arren I’m the one that poisoned him. ┬áIt took some time for me to get over the shock and he’s had kind of basic meals ever since, but I stopped blaming myself after I realized there was no way that I could have known and I would never have thought a sesame seed could be an allergen, but I’ve learned and adapted and started seeing the good in all this. ┬áInstead of grabbing jars of food I’m now more aware of everything that’s in food, did you know that the term “spices” means it could contain sesame seeds and seeing as it’s not really an allergen here, they don’t have to list it under allergens.

With all his allergies and his pickiness his pickings was pretty slim, and I really wanted to nip this picky eater thing in the bud now before he gets older and just doesn’t want to try anything.

Tips for getting picky eaters to eat better or at least try something new.

  1. The thing to remember is they wont starve themselves, if you don’t give in and give them something they want instead of their dinner, toddlers will get accustomed to that, instead offer them a variety of different foods, sometimes it will take a couple of times of that specific so called “gross” food sitting on their plates for them to give it a try, but they will soon give it a go and see ┬áit’s not as terrible as they thought.

2.  Lead by example if your toddler sees you eating things they will be more than willing to give things a try, Arren will try anything if he sees one of us eating it.

3. ┬áTry not to give them to much of foods that could lead to picky eating, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, candy, anything that you would rather be eating as an adult, but don’t because you know better. Toddlers don’t know better, and they need you to help guide them.

4.Give them smoothies that can help sneak in a good couple of nutrient dense foods into their diet without them knowing about it.

5.If all else fails, pray that one day they will be better eaters.  I was an extremely picky eater as a child, but when i turned 18 I started eating better, it might not happen overnight, but eventually they will eat better.

What Arren eats in a day


^^ Gluten free oats with date syrup, blueberries and strawberries.


^^ Roasted carrots, peeled yellow pepper, cucumber slices, halved grapes, a homemade gluten free sausage and a buckwheat cracker.


^^half a gem squash sprinkled with cinnamon, steamed broccoli, green beans, roasted sweet potato, home made gluten free sausage.


Green smoothie.

^^ Water melon.  This face was because we started his nighttime routine a little later than expected and someone was getting cranky.

^^ He had a sip of our grape juice and got a liking for it.