Feeding a healthy baby – first solids

Feeding Arren has been such a joy, this boy loves food! He’s taken a liking to everything he’s tried so far and eats with such gusto. ¬†

I was thinking about doing baby led weaning with him, but we had a really horrible experience that has made me want to give him pureed foods until he’s 18. ¬†I mean his college room mate can rehabilitate him for adult life! ¬†or he can just be a soup man. ¬† We are all happier doing things the pureed way for now. ¬†Starting solids was quite a big deal around here, we were on a should we or shouldn’t we train that we couldn’t decide which one to get. ¬†I’m glad we waited until he was just about 6 months, because baby boy is loving his food right now!

I’ve been making all his baby food and loving it. ¬†I just make him little bits of things we’re eating, so if we are having sweet potato for dinner, I’ll cut pieces off to steam some for him. ¬†I want to start making larger amounts of apple sauce, because one Arren loves it, Two, I love it and three its so amazing to use in baking! ¬†It’s been so much fun making small quantities of everything to give him and see his facial expressions when he tries it and how he eagerly tries to get more. ¬†This boy loves flavors, he even enjoys the taste of his baby pain killers, gripe water and vitamins.

So far I’ve given him apple sauce, butternut, sweet potato, avocado, banana, and oats. ¬†He loved all of it, but of course he has his favorites. ¬†So far apple sauce is number one, ¬†avocado a firm second, butternut and then the rest. ¬†I’m excited to start mixing and matching some ingredients to make it more interesting for him, but man, I’m still just trying to get over the mess. ¬†Having a baby has made me have to start letting things go, I’m one of those people that don’t feel my best around a mess, I’ve started to get the hang of cleaning with a baby and Carl has become such a great help, that doesn’t mean I don’t find pieces of teething cracker everywhere. ¬†Carl went to work with cracker stuck on the back of his work shirt, we just brushed it off as baby life, but with solids things are a whole new level of messy. ¬†Everything is covered in food! He manages to get it everywhere on his eyebrows, his feet and his hands. ¬†

The day we tried butternut it got everywhere, thanks to me making one of the biggest rookie mistakes of the century! I put down the bowl on his tray and continued to take photos, while he grabbed the bowl and just threw it on the ground!  We were both completely soaked in squash.  It was so gross.

One of the things I get to look forward to every day is having baby drool in my water. ¬†Arren refuses to take a sippy cup or bottle, he only wants to drink water out of a glass and when he sees me drinking water he just has to have some. ¬†It’s pretty cute, he’s such a good sipper and drinks so nicely, but that doesn’t stop the incredible amount of baby drool that falls in my glass. ¬†At least he knows sharing is caring.