Father’s Day

Having one day especially dedicated to fathers doesn’t seem like enough! Or any parent for that matter.

This year I’ve felt ever so grateful to become a mother, but my heart has grown so much more when I saw how Carl took on the role of father like it was what he was always destined for.

He is patient, kind, loving and the most amazing father I’ve seen. ┬áHe’s always willing to rock Arren to sleep even when it takes a couple of hours, he works hard to put a smile on that face, sometimes that requires him pretending to be a dog, he’s the best person for my son to look up to. ┬áI look at everything he does for us and I feel extremely grateful, how could I not when I’ve got the most supporting husband around. ┬á

Just because father’s day is over doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating parents. ┬áEvery day we should make and effort to tell our loved ones how much we appreciate them and tell them what a good job they are doing. ┬áIts easy to get lost in the ever so short days. ┬áHappy Parent day!