The fastest trip to Warsaw you will ever see

Carl used his time off to go renew his passport with only few months left he has been exceedingly worried for a while now, we decided the best┬á thing to do was to go during my birthday week.┬á We set out with a plan and we decided that we really didn’t feel like staying the night so instead we drove in and drove back.

But waking a sleeping toddler up at 5 and putting him in his carseat really made for a cranky toddler that was not in the mood for our nonsense.

He woke up in a mood, made his feelings known, and confused us to buy him a book at a gas station.  We happily complied and went on with our day.

It’s not the longest drive, but since non of us sleep that well in winter time we were all tired and cranky, but we had to get it done.

Carl’s passport renewal went surprisingly quick and I somehow left the shop with cookies for Arren, yes, the sugar wean week was rough.

We went for a little walk through the park, but Arren was cranky, cold and not in the mood and waved his arms in the air with disgust at us.   Nature now? Really parents.

So we said goodbye Warsaw and headed back to Gdansk.