Fall walks

The weather has been fluctuating so much lately, but one thing it’s been doing consistently is raining.  It’s been raining almost non stop for 2 weeks.  I was starting to lose hope that I would be able to run errands without getting soaked ever again, but Arren and I persevere  we go out when there’s a little break and make the most out of it and come back usually soaking, but luckily for us we had a nice little rain break when Carl was around.

Carl’s been working late hours, so having that little rain break was really a nice blessing, being cooped up in our small apartment can get much really fast.  Arren and I just seem to bounce off the walls while Carl just doesn’t know what to do, any chance we get to go for simple walks really just is the best.

Seeing Arren so extremely happy to be out and running around screaming dog, while chasing down every dog he sees, is really just amazing.  I’ve learned to appreciate the small blessings and really enjoy these little moments with Arren.   Childhood is so short, my baby is definitely been replaced by a little boy, but I’m all for it.  He’s so cute and wonderful to be around at this stage, demanding yes, but so cute.

He drives me crazy most of the time, but man, is he fun to be around.