How to encourage a toddler to carry and epipen

Arren was diagnosed with life threatening allergies before his first birthday, ever since then I’ve been living in a constant state of panic, but you know what it does get easier.  One of the things I’ve been trying to encourage Arren is the importance of ALWAYS carrying his epipen and benadryl with him.  It might seem like too much responsibility to put on a two year old, but becoming aware and knowing the risks of his allergies is something I want to help him understand from a young age.

I don’t think that we give kids enough credit, you will be surprised about the things they learn from just a little bit of encouragement.

One of the funny things that Arren has picked up on is to start packing his own little backpack when he sees me taking out the carry on suitcase.  He will start looking for his passport, grab a couple of toys, bring his travel companion teddy, and start filling that bag to the brim with candy.  He gets away  with a lot when we are travelling.

How have I convinced my two year old to start carrying his own epipen?

^^ He chased a poor bird down.  Full on sprinted, poor bird.

Well you have to start where you feel comfortable.

Note: I’m always very vigilant and make sure he doesn’t lose it or crush it at the  park while being a toddler.


  • Get a backpack.  Get the cutest most adorable backpack you can find, something that will wow your toddler.  Make sure it’s comfortable on their back and doesn’t slip off easily.
  • Start by letting them carry their favorite snacks and toys.  Something that’s special to them.
  • After they get comfortable with a backpack start by putting a trainer epipen and a small benadryl in the bag.
  • The most important thing is to always do a checklist out loud so they can see and hear you taking the epipen and benadryl.  Arren associates hives and itching with benadryl, so he knows his bottle should always be with us.  It’s sad, but he has a lot of reactions here in Poland.
  • Let them carry the real epipen when you feel comfortable.

Allergies are serious and it’s a big burden for little shoulders, but it’s an important thing to teach from a young a age, the more knowledge they have the more prepared they will be to manage allergies by themselves when they grow up.