Easter 2018

Last Easter  Carl got a horrible stomach bug that had me taking care of a new born-ish baby and an adult baby, instead of a feast I was making congee, this year was different.  Arren had his first easter egg hunt, tried dark chocolate and we had a Japanese feast!

Arren had no real interest in the eggs, until he found out there was little pieces of lindt chocolate in them.   Why did we go for little pieces of chocolate, well, because we left everything till last minute thinking no one would buy the dark chocolate bunnies only to be completely wrong.  Everything was sold out….EVERYTHING!  but we made a plan and I like giving him little pieces of chocolate in those plastic eggs, it was a better way of monitoring his sugar intake and keeping him from getting really sad when he can’t eat an entire bunny.  If you want to see our Easter weekend in vlog form please check it out HERE, don’t forget to subscribe.

Here is a bunch of photos from Easter.

^^ forced hugs! because he’s just so squishy.

^^ Chocolate face


^^ We got him the rhino hand puppet as a little keepsake toy to take with to Poland


^^ Waiting patiently for chocolate.

^^ I love this photo…It is also the reason why Carl isn’t allowed to take photos often…..that bush in the background is really clear.

^^ Chocolate?


^^ Bunny onigiri! Arren loved these!

^^ My little picky eater loved this Japanese spread


How was your Easter?