Dublin Adventure Part 1

After a gruelling 18 hour flight we finally made it to a surprisingly sunny Dublin, short lived sun, but one day of blue skies is more than I needed.  We got a taxi to our lodge and set out to explore Dublin on zero sleep, but a lot of motivation not to waste a second.  Somehow we managed to walk 9 km into the city centre and explore.  If you are one of those crazy people that can sleep on a plane, I really envy you! I tried and tried, somehow hurt my knee and just ended up being grumpy at my attempts of sleep.  The lack of sleep, with the 3 days of exploring Dublin really kept me going.   I’m still rocking those deep bags under my eyes, but its all so worth it.

Lack of burglar guards, small fences, no gates, really honest people had us in a complete sense of culture shock.  We did go all South African on a lot of innocent people just walking home with groceries.  The distrusting “you better not rob me” face was used A LOT, trying to walk faster than everyone else, because of fear was also a big thing.  At one point Carl walked so fast, my legs didn’t want to work any more.  I’ve been suffering from an extremely painful knee ever since.  Every day we seem to chill out a little more, I somehow want to widen my eyes more and more just to take everything in.  The beautiful green, the magnificent grey skies, my two favourite colours jam packed into one hell of a beautiful country.


^^ waiting for the train.  I completely embarrassed myself by getting stuck in the little exiting train prison, ticket checking part.  Oh well.  Lesson learned!


^^ One of the many beautiful churches around Dublin.


^^ The most beautiful grass I ever did see.


^^ While meandering around the city it started snowing.  Carl didn’t want to believe it was snow, he kept saying it was bubbles.  It was snow.


^^ Dublin castle and that man trying to break out of the wall.


^^ Dublin Castle.


^^ A lot of people hate the cold and wetness, but I love it.  Being all bundled up, not sweating out of perculiar places is heaven to me.  Being angry at your ancestry for going to such a hot place, is justifiable when you hate the heat.


^^ Cute houses around every corner.


















After the most beautiful bus trip I’ve ever been on we arrive at home base (Youghal) last night.  3 weeks in this beautiful little town before we move on to cork.