DIY Protea Flower Wreath

One of my favourite things about the holidays is how inspired I get to beautify our home. ┬áIt doesn’t matter what kind of holiday it is, a wreath is always a necessity
and a pretty flower wreath, shouldn’t be saved just for your head.

I love how these flower wreath’s turned out, they really turned our dinning room into a the perfect place to have Christmas lunch. ┬á Making fresh floral wreaths that are so worth it for the beautiful fragrance that it leaves around your house, it also just looks better than a faux wreath and using sturdy proteas makes this wreath last a bit longer all it needs is a couple of sprays every now and again and it will last for your big Christmas get together.

These two wreaths are so simple to make, all you need is a big bunch of proteas, two wire hangers, flower wire or string and that’s it. ┬áThe rest is all up to your own creativity.

Start of by bending the hanger into a wreath and then get your creative juices flowing.    You can make your wreath as full or bare as you like.

My favourite one is the this one, ┬áIt’s so opulent and just screams you went a bit overboard.


I like this one because it’s simpler, and just says you did just enough here.

There you go, wreath making is such a fun little holiday craft, I think I will make these again for a dinner party, they are just too pretty to just save for the holiday’s.

which one is your favourite?