Dirty Dancing and Bombay Nights

Carl and I have mastered the art of baby entertaining while enjoying dinner. We’ve also mastered the art of eating with one hand if Arren isn’t in the mood for our lame parent entertainment.  Itis strange how you somehow turn into the lamest person you’ve ever known as soon as you have a baby? The lame parent initiation seems to come as soon as you see dirt or dried up milk on your babies cheek and somehow without thinking you use spit to clean it off.  It feels like a distant memory the days where I was cool and didn’t use my own saliva in an attempt to clean my son!  Just bring on the butterscotch candy, cough drops and I will be ready for the next step into lame parenthood!

At least we will be lame together!

We take dates in any shape in form these days, we don’t need to get dressed up to enjoy each other’s company. We decided to make an Indian inspired dinner and really get Arren involved in our romance, because what’s more romantic than pretending to be Patrick Swayze and lift him like in dirty dancing.  The only thing missing was for time of your life to be playing in the background.

Just look at that posture! Arren’s got a promising career waiting for him in baby dancing.

Nothing says I’m I’m a dad like a burp cloth over the shoulder.

Here’s to all the cool kids that turn into lame parents! Its fun and worth it!

P.S we will have an Arren free date on Monday! My sister has been begging to baby sit him and seeing as its Carl’s birthday on Monday we decided to take her up on that over.  We might just go home and take an uninterrupted nap for an hour or go really crazy and get a bagel!