Dearest son

Dearest Son

Watching you grow has truly been a blessing, seeing how each day you get a little stronger and just a tad more spunky just makes my heart swell with so much joy.

This month you’ve been so entranced by your own feet, I don’t even know why we bother buying you toys when you just can’t get enough of your own little toesies. ┬áThinking about you getting older and most likely throwing tantrums about toys, I will always want to remember the simpler times right now when all you need is love, cuddles and those cute little feet.

You’ve really found your voice and seeing you take a really deep breathe with a touch of a smile on your lips as you let out a high pitched squeal brings a smile to my face even though my ears feel like they might start bleeding soon.

You’ve really started getting heavy this month, three hours of church while rocking and holding you is starting to really do a number on your Mama’s arms, I’m going to have to get stronger or you’re going to have to start walking soon.

The love I feel for you grows each day, I can’t imagine life without you, knowing you are in my eternal family brings me great peace and happiness.


Love you always

Your Mama