Dear husband

Dear Husband

Having a baby has changed our relationship and our lives forever, sometimes I find myself getting snippier than I should and my irritation at your socks being left on the floor can make me a little grumpier than I should, but seeing you be the kindest father, the most caring husband the most amazing person has made me fall in love with you more.

You’ve helped me feel better on my lowest day of postpartum depression, when I feel like I’m drowning in laundry, you’re my lifesaver when things get too much. ┬áYou work so hard for your little family and you’re always bettering yourself any chance you get. ┬áI love how you can work a full day and come home to take Arren off my weary hands, without complaining, how you always bounce Arren to sleep at night when my body physically just can’t move.

We used to have a care free life where we could do everything on a whim, and most of the time we still do, but instead of just the two of us we now have a little creation of both of us tagging along, and sure he can be tiring, ┬ábut I can’t imagine life without the both of you. ┬áWatching you be a father and such a caring husband has made my love for you grow so much.

Thank you for all your love and support, today I want to thank you for:

Always getting up earlier and letting Arren and I get that extra hour of sleep.

For washing the dishes in the morning or cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.

Giving me time to study at night.

Playing with Arren even when he can be a big bully.

For believing that I can do anything I set my mind to.

For always telling me I’m beautiful even when I don’t feel it.

For wanting to eat healthy and exercise.

Letting me be honest and giving me your honest opinion

For conversations where we can talk about anything and everything.

Mostly, thank you for being the best person I could possibly have found to spend the rest of our lives and eternity with.


Your wife.