When dad’s take the reigns

When dad’s take the reigns, things are always just a bit out of whack.

When dad’s take the lead in parenting, things are always just slightly messier, slightly more naked and slightly more “what have you done to my baby”. but letting them do their dad thing is beautiful! Seeing how they choose to enjoy their baby and not always stepping in to save the day is a liberating feeling.  Seeing your baby scream a little louder with excitement when jumping on the ball is beautiful.

Learning how to let go of my mom perfectionism has been a hard one to let slide.  Most of the time I still get that feeling all mom’s get to swoop in and save the day, but letting go and letting Carl parent the way he wants to has been beautiful.  Seeing their relationship blossom, from the young baby that was just not that into his papa, to the fun little relationship they’ve got going on now, brings joy to my heart.  Carl has grown into an amazing father, and brings so much fun to the table, even with so little sleep.

When dad’s take the lead,  your baby will find himself a little more naked than you would like.  You will be standing in the background wondering why he’s not wearing clothes, and hoping he’s not cold.

When he finally gets some clothes, he will look a little bit more ridiculous than when you saw him last, and slight twinning will be happening.

You will come out of the kitchen and find your baby without a shirt on getting fed,  a dirty bib on because who even knows where the clean ones are (the cupboard), because he didn’t want to get his Sunday best dirty.

On your return you will notice the bib is gone and your baby is now getting fed shirtless.

After all the giggles and kisses.  You will change your baby for bedtime and see that his stomach is covered in old food, that was never wiped away and think;  “how did I get so lucky”.