The coldest kid on the block

When you’r born in Africa, you don’t really experience cold, not the cold that Autumn in Europe has shown little Arren.┬á

Poor Arren is still figuring out what happened, he goes outside like every other day, but a strange sensation creeps on his skin, his cheeks start to flush and he gets a look of pure terror on his face.

What is this?! He cries, well Arren my dear, that would be real cold, not let’s just wear a jersey the entire South African Winter because that’s all you will need cold, this is Autumn in the Northern hemisphere and with all it’s leaf coloring beauty comes a cold that┬á wakes you up instantly, a quick little jolt to the systems that says ” did God, forget the freezer open?”

The  cold here is lovely, the beauty of seasons changing, makes you feel like things are moving forward, the cold wetness of autumn, that will soon be replaced by the barren trees covered in snow.  My little African cub is just going to have to learn to love it! because this mama is going to go build herself a snowman!

Do you have any tips for keeping a toddler warm in winter? Just be reminded that Arren is a complete drama queen, he wears three layers and he still thinks this cold thing is weird.   Should I get him a snowsuit?