Clove Oil for Thicker Hair


Postpartum hair loss sucks, and for some lucky woman (note sarcasm) you can lose so much hair you get stuck with a bald spot.┬á That was me! After trying it all with no luck, I finally have a hair routine that actually works, and no it wasn’t my hair naturally growing back after a certain amount of time, the constant breastfeeding, really slowed down hair growth, the lack of sleep didn’t help and all the stress from my hair falling out just made my hair fall out even more, but now, my hair is thicker and healthier than it’s ever been, thanks to these tips and tricks.

I was never blessed in the thick hair department, I always had really thin hair, mix that with constantly dyeing in every colorful color you can imagine it, I ended up with thin really damaged hair, but nothing would ever have prepared me for the abomination that is postpartum hair loss, and the disaster zone you are left with afterwards.

When you do a quick google search you will find a whole lot of tips and tricks for postpartum hair growth, all these things did not work for me, it sometimes just felt like all these bloggers just go with the flow and will say whatever as long as they get sponsored by some hair oil, shampoo, leave in conditioner and what not, we get it you got paid.

What I found that worked even with lack of sleep was to create a game plan and figure out what works for me, but hopefully these tips will help you grow your hair back thicker than ever.


  1. VITAMINS.┬á Take a multivitamin and omega tablet daily, it’s okay if you skip a couple of days, it wont be a big deal, but taking these two tablets and making sure you’re getting all your vitamins plays a big part in what you put in to your body.
  2. THE REVERSE TECHNIQUE.┬á When your hair is thin you don’t need conditioner weighing down your hair, but you don’t want to skip out on conditioner.┬á So what do you do? You reverse it.┬á Wash your hair with conditioner first and finish it off with shampoo.┬á Gives your thin hair that bounce it needs.
  3. SCALP MASSAGE.  A deep scalp massage is just what you need to get blood flowing in your hair.
  4. GET IT COLORED.  Sometimes you just need a fresh look to make you appreciate your hair more.
  5. CLOVE OIL ESSENTIAL OIL.┬á Clove oil has so many benefits, but what really has worked for me is using it to thicken my hair.┬á Drop 2 drops into a tbsp or 2 of conditioner, mix it in and condition your hair like usual, leave it in your hair for a 2 -3 minutes and rinse.┬á It helps bring circulation back to your scalp and reduces hair fall, it’s also helps with dandruff, but be warned it burns, but it’s a good burn, a burn that helps you not go bald!

I hope these tips will help any fellow bald spot survivors