Christmas 2020

Chrstmas eve Carl read the traditional The night before Christmas, while chasing Arren and while I was trying to get Asher to sleep, better late than never. We added our yearly Christmas baubles to the children, a dinosaur for Arren and a colorful tree bauble for Asher.

Christmas morning we prepared the apartment for our little Arren, set things up, and got ready for a stocking scavenger hunt. In true Arren fashion he woke up not ready for the day, just like everyone in the family he is not a morning person and it takes him at least and hour to show any form of emotion that’s not desperately tired and just a bunch of not ready for the day. Carl often jokes that he just wants to give him a babychino with caffeine, so he can be in a better mood when he wakes up.

This year we really build up Christmas and Arren was really excited, he was shocked to see presents and unwrapped everything, and I mean everything. He did not care who’s present he was unwrapping as long as he got to open them and he only went for he big ones. He cheered up and was in a better ready for the day mood, after he found some Christmas chocolate and he really cheered up when he saw all his presents set up.

Arren did his stocking scavenger hunt and was more then happy with his stocking haul. He got himself extremely sticky with the largest handmade Christmas tree lollipop, that I found everywhere except appropriate places the whole day. My poor couch and bed.

We tried to take a family photo….


had a lunch snack board

Cuddled up on our cute little family.

In a panic I decied to serve the dessert at lunch, because Arren started to have this crazed sugar look in his eyes, that screamed I will never sleep again.

This year I added lamington cake to the annual buche de noel, and it was the perfect most scrumptious cake to accompany the cutest little tree ever.

We finished the day off, by watching Arren’s favorite movie, the Grinch and having our dinner. I decided not to overdo things this year and keep it pretty simple, and to also have things that Arren will actually eat.

On the menu for Christmas 2020: Blackbean and mushroom pie, roasted vegetables, a greek salad and a seitan loaf, simple, easy and we had enough leftovers for the next day for an easier almost no cooking day for me.

How was your Covid Christmas?