Christmas 2017

Our first Christmas with a baby was a success! Last year we waited and waited in hopes that we would be cradling our sweet Arren in our arms by Christmas, but he had other plans.

He wanted to be born in January and make a grand old entrance.

We had a lot of plans for Christmas, we wanted to get a big old tree decorate way more, and have a ridiculous feast, but plans change and sometimes for the better.

We decided to stick to our little driftwood tree, have just enough decorations and have a completely allergy friendly Christmas.

Since Arren had anaphalaxis I’ve been completely paranoid about everything he eats, seeing your precious baby suffer from such a severe reaction to food was one of the scariest things in my life, but it has made me hold on to him a little tighter this Christmas.

Even if he decided to wake us up before ┬á5 was the best Christmas gift he could give us, he continued being a really big grinch for an hour, until we just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to take him on a walk in hopes of getting him to sleep.

It worked like a charm!


We got to see all the other zombie parents walking around before 6 with their own little grumpy grinches. ┬áIt’s a club.

We invited the missionaries from our church over for a Christmas lunch feast. ┬áBeing away from home during the holidays can be difficult, we tried to make it a little better for them, by inviting them into our home for some festivity fun, even if we all just kept talking about politics, the environment and how much Arren loves Elder Morena. ┬áArren couldn’t get enough of him, he wanted to sit with him and play with him the whole time, completely ignoring Carl and even crying when he saw Carl.

^^ We got the missionaries, these little guys as a present, because they are on the Cape Town South Africa mission.

After food, great conversation and a little menacing Arren, Carl and I were exhausted and crawled into bed a little sad that Christmas was done.

How was your Christmas?