Chocolate tastings or how to get fat in one afternoon

Cape Town is notorious known for its mountains, the ocean and the wine farms, but what it really should be known for is its amazing chocolate!

Last weekend we decided to take a drive to Paarl to go for a chocolate tasting at DV chocolate.  It was a little spontaneous should we go? “yeah, we should totally go!” moment.  Even Arren cooperated and slept like a dream all the way there!  Baby boy usually hates being in the car and will scream the entire way making me wish we had tinted windows so no one can see my mom guilt showing.


They offer three different tastings; a self guided tasting for $2 / R25, a dark chocolate from bean to bar experience for around the same price and a milk chocolate experience.  We went for the self guided tasting that was just so amazingly laid out.  You start of by getting a roasted cocoa bean, I was really surprised how much I enjoyed just the cocoa bean, I wanted to get a baggy or just loiter at the beans getting my fill, but I didn’t want to hold up the line, besides there was so many other chocolate bars to taste.

They have such a wide variety of artisan chocolates that I just couldn’t decided which one was my favourite, the things I thought I would never like in a million years turned out to be some of the most amazing flavor combinations that I’ve ever tasted.

Ginger and lime sounded like such an obscene flavor option, but I couldn’t believe how amazing it was, it was  a combination of a gingersnap with a little bit of lime sugar on top of it, that’s the best way I could explain it, but just way better, because of the most amazing melt in your mouth chocolate that seem to make you want to blow your entire pay check on all the chocolate bars you can carry.

I think my favorite was the sea salt and caramel and Carl’s favorite was the peppermint and macadamia, but to me you know its a good chocolate when the plain dark chocolate taste like heaven in your mouth.

When we finally managed to pull ourselves away from the chocolate, it felt like we were on a sugar rush and decided to play on the grass, Carl even decided he wasn’t done with his sugar binge and tried a homemade ice cream.  It should be noted that we don’t eat sugar at home, so we felt really decadent and the sugar rush was that much more intense.

Its always sad to leave places you really enjoyed, while I sit here typing I keep thinking  I didn’t try enough chocolate! Oh, well.  There is always next time!