Arren the artist

Everyday Arren and I get creative, either we bake together, make something interest for a snack, make origami, little boxes or we paint.

Life in Poland

Life in Poland right now feels like a blur maybe its Covid, maybe its having new baby,but its all just whirling past. I mean how is it already February?

Online vegetable deliver in Gdansk, Poland

When we first moved into our new apartment we soon realized we were further away from the bigger shops than we would like, as a family we eat a lot of vegetables, so much that Arren doesn’t even know that all his treats are laced with vegetables. When you don’t have a car and how much groceries you get depends on how much your stroller will be able to hold things can get tricky and having a new baby makes getting to further locations by train or bus a little more difficult, in those times you can only look at food delivery.

a baby lives here

Being a mother the second time around is kind of like riding a bike, things are easier than with the first one, but so much harder at the same time, but totally worth all the frustrations.