The biggest Cars fan around

It’s strange how these little things infiltrate your life, I tried to raise Arren to be gender neutral, but he turned into the biggest boy’s boy I’ve ever seen.┬á Before ever watching Cars he became the biggest fan and soon we started collecting all the little Cars merchandise we could find. Continue reading

Where is Arren

Do you remember your first toy? The first love of your life that wasn’t your mother?┬á For Arren, he has many and he just can’t make up his mind who he will love the most on the day.┬á Who can blame him, so many cute options. Continue reading

Mornings around here


We’ve started to get a little routine here.┬á We wake up,┬á Arren plays with his papa, while I try to get a little more sleep, Arren drags me out of bed, I start making breakfast, we eat breakfast, get dressed and head to the park. Continue reading

When it rains it pours

Having a toddler is frustrating.┬á The tantrums, the boundary pushing┬á and the daily what the heck moments can really have you pulling out your hair, but toddlers are wise little teachers, here to teach us things in the most difficult way possible, because if it’s hard you’re more likely to remember them. Continue reading

Arren and his blankey

Kids imprint on the strangest things, you get them a cute little teddy that you are sure will be their cute little companion only to have it looked at like you were insane to even think this thing was going to have a connection with your child.┬á Sorry, bunny, in my head I thought you would be dragged around by the ear and be Arren’s forever companion, instead he chose a green blanket over you. Continue reading