2015 you’ve been a good one..

I’m feeling so grateful for 2015, its been the best year of my life so far. ¬†Every year I’m alive is a great one for me, but this year I got married to my beautiful soul mate, we’ve made so many changes for the better, decided to go on an adventure and just lived. What more could I have asked for?

I’m overly excited for 2016, future plans are in motion, dreams are becoming reality and little gifts has been made.



  1. Starting the year  sober.  After lots of struggle, and figuring out how to quit drinking for good, without the help of unhelpful psychologist written books, sobriety has been the best thing for me, its the gift that keeps on giving.
  2. Moving into our little farm cottage.  Living on a farm has been one of my dreams since I was little and being able to fall asleep to the sound of jackals was magical and slightly odd.
  3. Getting engaged and soon after that married. ¬†We didn’t want a big wedding or a big fuss, we wanted to write vows and read it to each other in private, because our love is something that’s special to us, no one else.
  4. Going honeymooning in the bush.  A bush honeymoon on a blue moon was just what our quick marriage wanted.
  5. Bettering myself everyday and working on the person I am.  I always want to keep growing and be the best person I want to be for myself, and this year was great for personal growth.
  6. Tiny adventures all over the city. ¬†Adventures don’t have to be big its just about exploring and finding something new.
  7. Badminton in the garden. ¬†Playing badminton on Carl’s study breaks was always a time for laughs.
  8. I’m extremely grateful to my body, for being able to walk miles upon miles everyday.
  9. My health has been amazing this year, all the good choices really paid off.
  10. An Irish adventure.  Currently being Ireland to ring in the new year is the best thing of 2015 and 2016 for that matter.

I hope you have a wonderful last day of 2015 and wishing you a very happy new year!  May you get closer to your dreams in 2016!

an instant of life captured for eternity

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here in Youghal. ¬†The blue skies just seems bluer when you haven’t seen it in a couple of days, and the crispness in the air just can’t be beaten on a clear cold day. ¬†We’ve been getting into the holiday spirit and decorated our little home base with foraged d√©cor. ¬†When every bush turns out to be rosemary, you better believe its going to get added to the decorating fun. ¬†Some dried orange slices, just because dried fruit always looks pretty, except prunes they never look pretty.


^^ Rainy days gives you beautiful big rainbows.  Now where is my pot of gold.


^^ Pretty rocks at the beach.


^^ Sunny days.


^^ This seagull was such a poser.


^^ This was Carl’s I feel so violated face. ¬†I told him to be a sexy tiger.


^^ I’m in love with my Christmas Jersey. ¬†The wind is doing some interesting things to my hair. ¬†60’s hair twirl going on right there.


^^ Elf on a break.


^^ Harry Potter get back into your room.


^^ Rosemary dangling off the fireplace.


^^ Seaside treasures.


^^ Scavenged decorations.  Nothing says Christmas like orange slices, right?






^^ Selfie stick photos!

How was your weekend? Going anywhere for Christmas?