What the fudge, Profanity blocker.

Hey guys!┬á My amazing husband created an app.┬á What the fudge, profanity blocker.┬á It’s an extension that runs with netflix that prevents you from hearing swear words.┬á It’s even customizable so you can choose what you’re not okay hearing.┬á We’re hoping to make this go further by going to more platforms and eventually for youtube.┬á ┬áI hope you will give it a look the link for it is Here.┬á Go check it out.

Dear husband

Dear Husband

Having a baby has changed our relationship and our lives forever, sometimes I find myself getting snippier than I should and my irritation at your socks being left on the floor can make me a little grumpier than I should, but seeing you be the kindest father, the most caring husband the most amazing person has made me fall in love with you more. Continue reading

The happiest baby around

Arren is all about the happy baby pose lately.  Its the cutest thing ever seeing baby boy loving on his feet so much, its really making diaper changes a dream,because his legs are up already, but at the same time we have to figure out how to work around those little arms! Continue reading