Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 was one of the best christmases weve had as a family. It was simple, low stress and filled with so much joy.

Soy Free Vegan Egg Salad Sandwich

Since moving to Poland I haven’t been able to find good tofu, not that the tofu is terrible, it’s just not very good, or maybe I was just spoilt for choice in South Africa , with so many cultures rolled into one country you were always getting the best out of all the food. Continue reading

Recipes for Colder weather

When the weather starts getting cold I start craving warmer meals, long gone are the days I casually throw together a salad thinking this will satisfy me, instead I long for warmer, heartier meals that will satisfy and keep warm on the coldest of days. Continue reading

Miso glazed Vegetable Bowl

Making an easy meal during the week is the only way I survive motherhood these days. ┬áHeck, it’s the only way I survive life! ┬áLuckily for me this easy miso glazed vegetable bowl is not only easy, but whips me right back to life after having one bite. Continue reading

Halloween Food Ideas for Kids and Adults

Halloween is my favorite time of year, well I’m a big fan of St Patrick’s day, Christmas….A heck I just love all the holidays, but Halloween is something special. It’s the one time of the year where you can be as weird as you want to and no one can say a thing and you get to eat cute and scary food. Continue reading