an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ Found this really inexpensive chest of drawers for the baby’s room and gave it a little make over.


^^ I wanted more of a woodland green, but I just didn’t have enough paint stainer to get it there. ¬†Happy surprises, because I really like the way it turned out. ¬†Later on I spray painted the knobs gold. ¬†Walking around with a face mask, while pregnant felt like a ridiculous sight, but things need to get done!


^^ Nursery break! I’ve been desperately looking for a fiddle fig tree, with no luck at all. ¬†I’ll find you my beautiful planty friend!


^^ Made the best sugar free, gluten free pumpkin pie bars ever! It was like magic in my mouth, the gingery crust, made me feel like crying tears of happiness! I was floating my own boat hard while thinking I’m a recipe genius!


^^ My cute little kitchen friends.


^^ Protein shake in the baby’s room!


^^ Kind of done with the baby’s mobile, I still feel like I’m missing one little woodland friend? What do you think?


^^ The guinea fowl family on our walk again, these guys really know how to make you feel bad, when you try to pass them, and they all scatter like you’re the biggest murderer on this planet.

Hi friends! ¬†Whew! Its been a couple of days hasn’t it? ¬†I’ve just been so busy with all lives demands and trying to get everything ready for the baby! I still feel like I have so much to do and buy! ¬†I’m starting to feel just a tad overwhelmed, but I downloaded the hypnobabies app on my phone and its just the best thing to listen to!

I feel like this week has been a whirlwind for the entire world……I try to keep my blog neutral and easy, but what is going on with the world? I’m still in so much shock about the US elections and the effect this will have on all the other countries and I just can’t believe people chose fear again so soon after brexit. ¬†In the beginning of the year I couldn’t wait to see what humans were going to do next and now, I’m like how is such a racist, sexist, completely insane man, going to be president? but who knows maybe this will be the time were people stand together and realise fear is not the answer, we should live with kindness and treat people kindly. ¬† Okay! Rant over! ¬†I felt like I needed to say something about all the craziness right now! ¬†Things will get better, the earth is too beautiful to not care!

Home Office Tour – Its nerdy up in here.

Today I wanted to share our home office with you guys.  When we first moved into this little farm cottage the one  things we knew we wanted was a home office/study.  We wanted to create a little haven where we could feel inspired to work and study without feeling distracted by clutter and mess.  We tried to keep the space clean and express our unique personalities in our decor, we also got our frugal on and got most of the stuff for free, charity shops, made by yours truly and gifted from lovely parents.

Take a gander into our little abode.




^^ I promise we do get work done in here.

Home office

^^ No office is complete without some motivational art all over the wall.

home office

^^ I used a clipboard as a frame to add a touch of whimsy and so I can interchange artwork.  The little chalkboard is for writing love notes of course! I also added a string of photos.

home office

^^ Bright coloured frames and motivational quotes,  to really get you working.

Home office

^^ I have an unnatural fear of frogs, so this is the closest I will ever get to batmaning it, and frog woman just doesn’t sound like a superhero I would want to be. ¬†The little pot plant in the background has rosemary in it. ¬†I read an article about rosemary improving memory.

DSCF7602new^^ Little clock and a lot of study material.


^^ This guy is always studying.

pompom garland

^^ everybody needs a pompom garland in their office.


^^ My reading corner.  I would suggest everyone arm knit themselves a blanket.  These babies are so warm and cosy!


^^ This was Carl’s grandfathers chair, that was given to his mother. ¬†She covered all her furniture in this hideous material, because she had 3 boys running a mock in her house. ¬†I would have loved to get this reupholstered in a nicer fabric.


^^ You can’t have a reading chair without a basket of yarn. ¬†That’s just crazy.


^^ I lightly spray painted this wooden ladder to give it a more weathered look.  The little bookcase to the right is just 4 black crates.

wooden ladder

^^ The bottom ladder step is filled with books.

wooden ladder

^^ We are plant crazy in this house.


^^ Starwars lego, biker mice from Mars and harry potter books? We nerd it up hard in here.


^^ on top of the crates we have old cameras and a basket filled with this and that.


^^ Books, books, books and my grandmothers wedding cake topper.


^^ We have a long ledge above the cupboard, we have 4 crates up there filled with nonsense and  on the other side we have musical instruments and this plant.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our home office.  This post was inspired by WeWork a community of co-working office spaces across the U.S, they have great rates and is a mighty fine option for everything from start ups to freelancers.  Go check them out