Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 was one of the best christmases weve had as a family. It was simple, low stress and filled with so much joy.

Help for a total hip replacement

Hello everyone! My dear friend Vicky from Jvr baby vlogs, is in dire need of a total hip replacement at the age of 25, due to the long term effects of having perthes disease since a child.┬á They can’t afford to pay for the operation and she needs it done ASAP, she has a rambunctious one year old that keeps her on her toes, while she is in constant pain.

This operation will change her life for the better so I’m asking everyone here to please help contribute even the smallest amount to their crowd funding page.

She is the sweetest and kindest girl I know and having this burden lifted will be a big blessing in their lives.

If you can’t contribute please share her crowd funding page far and wide, until she can get this operation and have a better quality of life.