Carl’s home

For Carl’s birthday a couple weeks back we decided to rent a car and drive around Gdansk.

The initial plan was to go to Rome, but then Carl had to work, then we were going to drive to Berlin, but didn’t book accommodation in time, so instead we decided to drive around.  Arren was over the moon, he was so extremely happy about the  car, he became the best eater and best little passenger in the world.  It was so cute.

We had pancakes every morning, when I say pancakes I mean just sneaky vegetable oatmeal made into pancakes.

We made gyoza.

Tried to go to Stutthoff, but Arren was having so much fun outside  and we didn’t check the closing times and we totally didn’t get to go in.

We drove around the lake district, people laughed at us for asking if they spoke English and we went to mini town.

We ate too much Mcdonalds fries, but we somehow didn’t die.  Arren ate an entire cucumber and just lived his best life.

Hopefully we will have time like that again soon, maybe even make it to Rome.  Here’s hoping.