Boys club

Have you ever felt like you’ve been kicked out of the cool club? Having a boy will do that to you.  Especially when they start realizing their Papa is pretty cool.

It all started when Arren was born and I realized I’m officially outnumbered.  Two men in the house? Soon the matching outfits started, and Arren started looking more and more like his Papa.  He even got three generations of eczema.   The only way of seeing he’s my son is by looking at his eyes, baby boy got his mama’s eyes.  He has the same shape, same extra big eyes, but he made it his own.  Instead of having my really straight eyelashes, he’s got a cute little curl to his.  Instead of having brown eyes, He has beautiful honey brown eyes.

Lately I feel like I’ve really been kicked out of the boys club.  Arren always shares with Carl while I get left behind.  Maybe he senses how grossed out I am, but boy do I miss the days a super drooly nectarine was shoved in my face and I had to take a real bite.

Arren shares everything with his papa, including his chamomile tea and he will keep offering until Carl takes a real sip.

Maybe one day I will be back in the cool kids club, but I’m really doubting it.  At least he always wants to be with me.