Being a Mombie, because of teething

Teeth…, it takes a strong person to survive teething.  When you’re younger you always think pulling an all nighter is so much fun, but let me tell you something….it’s horrible!  

We thought we were in the clear since Arren got his two bottom teeth, but a mere 2 weeks later we are back in the no sleep world thanks to teething.   He’s back at biting our faces off, screaming in my face while pulling both my ears and demanding to sleep in my arms the whole night.   It doesn’t help that he hates teething powder ! He looks horrified that he can’t feel his mouth and looks at me like I’m some witch, that did this to him.


During the day he has his trusty soother to get him through things, but at night that’s when he’s really uncomfortable.   He just can’t seem to get comfortable and just tosses and turns, he only falls asleep when he’s in my arms.  I was never one to be able to fall asleep in a car or a plane, but I think with all the practice I’ve gotten with Arren I might be able to sleep in the upright position like a champ!

^^ He loves his toothbrush so much, he would put his body on the line for it.

^^ Just to put it in the wrong way.

We want to try one of these Baltic amber necklaces, has anyone had any luck with them? Do they work?

Right now we are hoping that he will give us a little break in between teeth so we can get some rest! Because this mombie is starting to feel it!



4 thoughts on “Being a Mombie, because of teething

  1. Emily says:

    Poor guy. Poor you guys!
    I did read something online about the teething necklaces and how the temperature of our skin isn’t high enough to actually warm up the amber enough for there to be any benefits. I feel like it’s sort of just a trend, but I have friends that swear on them and how great they work. It could be a placebo.

    • Melissa says:

      I just don’t think it would work for Arren, he doesn’t really use any of the teething toys we’ve gotten him, he uses the one as a tambourine, but that’s it! I was so frustrated yesterday that I gave him a frozen banana, wrapped in fabric, he loved it so much and he went back to his happy little self almost straight away. The only problem was….its super gross when he’s done with it!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Pheonyx still has not a single tooth and no sign of any coming up yet either. He’ll be 10 months soon.

    It can be tough, but hang in there momma! 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      You’re so lucky! I was hoping for a late teeth bloomer, instead I got the baby that’s going to have all his teeth before he’s a year!

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