Beach Days

As the rest of the world is preparing for  cold holiday season, here in the southern hemisphere we are getting ready for beach days.  

We’ve all been feeling really cooped up,  sometimes you just have to get out in nature and enjoy something as simple as a walk on the beach.

Carl and I grabbed some fries and had a little date with the cutest little date crasher ever.  Arren loves getting out and exploring, he’s always in a happier mood if he’s gone on a mini adventure in the day.

He hates the car, but he loves to adventure…

It’s kind of a predicament, he doesn’t care for any mode of transportation.  He’s okay in the stroller for a short amount of time, he’s okay in a baby carrier for a short amount of time, he hates being in the car for any amount of time.  His favourite mode of transportation?

This Mama’s arms, he loves being carried in my arms,  He will also settle for crawling to where he needs to go and he loves a plane, but all of those are not really options.  I mean, if he crawled to adventure we might take a week! and my arms would just get way too tired.  I guess we just have to settle on getting a private jet….Just kidding.  We don’t have private jet money!

but seeing my little guy so giddy with simple adventures just makes my heart skip a beat. What’s better than playing in the sand, seeing all those people walk around and getting to touch a dog for the first time? I think this was Arren’s favourite day of his life so far, mostly because we gave him some french fries too and boy, did he love them.

PS  This super amazing and breezy dress is a summer must have! Get it from Superbalist now!  online shopping is the best! The hat is from a H&M a year ago, a present for our hatsaversary….Carl knows me so well!