How to Baby Proof Your House

When you first find out your pregnant you start scrutinising everything you have in your house, wondering if it is safe for your unborn baby, but when your baby starts crawling you really look at everything in your house like the death traps they are.  Baby proofing becomes a necessity when your cute little immobile baby becomes a slow moving menace.

It would seem that Arren became an expert at crawling overnight.  One day he was still scooting about and rolling everywhere he needed to and the next he mastered the art of crawling and became the fastest menace around.  If you don’t want him somewhere that’s most likely where you will find him.  I’ve found him playing with the telephone, trying to pull the laptop down, unplugging the keyboard, opening a drawer and just surprising me daily with how curious he truly is.

We’re staying in a strange house, every wall has T.V cables on it, making for a sharp baby nightmare, when Arren started scooting I decided to move the couch in front of the one wall and moved a cabinet against the other wall’s cables.  It might be the best thing I ever did, because it seemed like that night Arren started moving it.

Here are some tips for baby proofing your house.

  • A baby gate.  We have no handles on any of the cupboards in the kitchen, making it prime baby opening heaven.  The solution.  A baby gate by the kitchen entrance.  Stopping your little menace right in his or her tracks.  Also great for stairs.
  • Doorstops.  Use doorstops to prevent your little angels fingers from getting pinched in between the door.
  • Use sliding covers for power outlets,  Keep those pesky little fingers away from power outlets by covering them!
  • Latches.  Use latches for any cupboard you don’t want your curious monkey to get into.
  • Toilet locks.  To save those little fingers and keep those said fingers out of the gross toilet water.
  • Vacuum the floor frequently.  Arren is an avid floor eater.  If it’s on the floor he will most likely want to give it a try.  Vacuuming frequently to pick up any dangerous little bits and bobs is a must.
  • Move all breakables out of reach.  Nothing is sacred to your baby.
  • Move plants off of the floor.  I was an avid mud pie eater as a child and I’m sure it runs in the genes.
  • The best piece of advice, is to always be watching.  Picture yourself as a creepy stalker, just always watching, always having an eye on your child at all time.  I’ve become a ninja at swooping in and gently catching Arren before he falls.  My reflexes are at expert level now.

All these tips are specific for my house, if you have a fireplace or tv you should baby proof it accordingly.   Do you have any tips?