Baby led Weaning Ideas : Peas and Broccoli

There is nothing like feeling like a slave, while feeding your baby peas.  That’s exactly how this baby led weaning adventure started.

When you’re baby slightly leans forward, while having his mouth open, expecting you to put another pea in his mouth, you know it’s time for him to start feeding himself.

Peas were the first food I gave Arren to try and put in his mouth.  When I first put it on his tray, he looked at me like I was insane, he gave me a look that said you should put this in my mouth.  After he realized I wasn’t going to put it in his mouth, he started grabbing for it himself.  I was shocked to see how good he was at getting peas into his mouth.  He had a look of dedication on his face that was just hilarious.  Baby led weaning is so much fun, you get to see your baby take the reigns and feed themselves, and believe me they really just want to feed themselves, they are so grabby and cause such a big mess when they get hold of a bowl.

Why are peas good for your baby?

Green peas are a good source of vitamin K, manganese, fibre,vitamin b1 b2 b6, protein, iron and vitamin C.  Those little green balls sure pack a punch.

How do you give them to your baby?

I buy frozen peas, cook according to the package instruction, let cool and let Arren have at it.

Another perfect baby led weaning vegetable is broccoli and cauliflower.  They come with their own handle making it easier for your baby to grip and get into their mouth.  Arren was really aprehensive about trying broccoli the first time, he kept almost biting it, pulling it away, giving it one big look again and pretend biting again.  I think it’s because of his broccoli plushy, when your best friend is a broccoli why would your parents want you to eat it.  He eventually started liking it.

Why is broccoli good for your baby?

Broccoli is a great source of fibre, vitamin a, vitamin e, pottasium, calcium protein and Iron.  These cute little trees, will help your baby grow strong like a mighty oak.

Arren hasn’t had any problem with gas when eating broccoli, but a lot of people have concern about it.

How do you give broccoli to your baby?

Wash and rinse broccoli, cut the broccoli into florets leaving the stalk big enough for a small handle for your baby.  Steam until tender.  Let cool and serve.