Baby Led Weaning: Black bean, quinoa, sweet potato and Avocado Mash

Our love of Mexican food has been inherited by little Arren.  We are firm believers that Mexican food is the best food, that and any Asian cuisine and when you believe that you best believe your baby is going to be a big old fan of some black beans.

Arren has tried a whole bunch of food and seems to love it all (except zucchini), but his firm favorite is definitely this black bean, quinoa, sweet potato and avocado mash.  When I first started giving Arren this little concoction I tried to roll it in little balls so he would be tempted to feed himself,  I like any proud mother went to present my perfectly rolled balls to my eagerly waiting baby, only for him to look at my the little leftovers bowl instead, he soon grabbed the bowl and started testing out what I just made for him, with a light in his eyes, he eagerly started pawing at the bowl, shoving more and more into his mouth until there was none left.

^^ This was actually more than I usually give him. ┬áHe didn’t finish the whole bowl.

I finally knew that there is definitely a reason why our burrito bowl always ends up on our monthly meal plan. ┬áIt’s just somethings special. ┬áI give Arren the unsalted version of our little spread. ┬áIt couldn’t be any simpler, a little bit of cooked quinoa, ┬áa bit of roasted sweet potato, a little bit of avocado and a little bit of our mashed black beans before it gets cooked down into re fried beans. ┬áI mix it all together and give it to Arren in his little plastic bowl.

For the beans, I drain and wash the beans, add them to a bowl, add 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/2 tsp coriander, 1/4 tsp smoked paprika and start mashing.

It’s the cutest thing to see him go to town on his food, and feed himself with such gusto, while getting a whole lot of nutrients!

What food can’t your baby get enough of?