Baby Fashion Faux Pas

As a mother you have this short amount of time to play dress up with your baby, a time will come sooner rather than later when your baby just doesn’t want you to dress him anymore, in my case my 9 month old baby decided I’m committing baby fashion faux pas that he will just not stand for.

At the ripe old age of 9 months Arren has decided he doesn’t like the way I dress him.  I get it, sometimes it can get a bit cutesy, but I will never be sorry for the baby tuxedo.  Never!

What did I do to make Arren raise his nose at me in disgust like a snooty teenager?

Sandals….Just sandals, not even sandals with socks! Just little sandals with a cute little onesie.  Arren looked at his feet like I was committing fashion faux pas, left, right and centre.  At one point he just kept giving me the stink eye.  Maybe he thought putting shoes on a baby that can’t even walk yet, was a bit too insensitive, or maybe he just prefers being all natural, I think he couldn’t believe that I put those shoes with that outfit.

Either way, I got a glimpse into the future and it made me giggle a little.  I can’t wait for him to start putting together his own little obscene outfits that can just be described as interesting….Don’t grow up too fast little boy.  Mama, is still having fun dressing you.