Babies are like cats

Moving with a baby is no joke guys! Man, I use to be a moving machine, getting everything packed up, pack the car like its a clown car and lets get going.  With Arren around this move turned into a 3 day ordeal, that had all of us exhausted.

Arren could also sense that something was up, he started getting really aggressive and made Carl and I bleed way too much in a short amount of time.  He was clawing us, screaming in our faces, punching and just really unhappy.  It felt like we were trying to get a feral cat into a carrier to take to a new home.

If you’ve ever had a cat before you know that they say to keep your cat locked in your new place until they get used to it, and boy, is the same true for babies. ┬áWhen we finally got settled, showed Arren around, played with him and let him nap in his bed (our bed, he’s claimed it), he finally accepted it and is back to his old happy self! ┬áJust in time too, because I was about to start a support group for abused parents.

I made him a little play corner in our living room so when its play time everything is easier to grab.

Its nice to have a little corner in the lounge just dedicated to play, especially for when he gets older, so I can keep an eye on him when he independent plays, but right now Arren loves to play with us or give this face, probably because he’s wondering why his dad is forcing him to walk.

I’m happy we are finally settled and little Arren is back to his cheerful self. ┬áHow was your long weekend?